Royal Melbourne Golf Club is renowned worldwide for its exceptional layout. Comprising of two courses, the East and West, the West Course is consistently rated as the #1 course in Australia and in the top 10 in the world. Although less famous than its sibling, the East Course has an exceptional layout and has achieved a World Top 100 ranking. Together, they represent the pinnacle of Australian Golf.

Designed by renowned Scottish architect Dr. Alister Mackenzie in 1926, volumes have been written on the qualities of the West Course. Put simply, it’s a combination of the greatest land, greatest design and greatest construction ever seen in this country. 

Picking out West Course highlights is difficult. The bold bunkering is visually spectacular while the rough areas around the tees and bunkers are a mix of native grasses, which naturally frame each hole, providing great definition and contrast without distracting from the strategy. Full of dramatic undulation, fertile sandy soil, and with a natural, rugged appearance, it was a gift from the golfing gods. 

Meanwhile, the East Course starts and finishes on the main site alongside its more famous sibling, with these seven ‘home paddock’ holes the highlight. The bunkering is superb while the greens, though smaller than the West’s, are as beautifully constructed and intricately sloped. The 18th is one of the most awesome finishing holes in golf and the crescendo of finishing at the Royal Melbourne Clubhouse, immersed in history, ensures that this is a place where golfing dreams are realised.