Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I travel with my non-golfing partner?
Yes, non-golfing partners are welcome to come and experience all Australia has to offer. Customized itineraries can be arranged through our travel partner, Down Under Endeavours.

I plan to travel with my partner. Will they be able to play golf at the Great Southern Classic Invitational host courses?
Yes, tee times will be available at the relevant golf course for 20 players on each of the days played, i.e., who are partners of participants but not part of a Great Southern Classic Invitational team. A green fee will apply.

Will I be paired with my team member on all days?
Yes, team members from a club will play together each day. Teams from two clubs will make up a fourball, which will be rotated each round.

Is the event a handicap event, and are there handicap limits?
Yes, it is a handicap event, and the handicap limit is 27. The Tournament Committee will review handicaps after each round and adjust them if necessary in accordance with a predetermined formula.

How will the prizes and trophies be awarded?
There will be a trophy for the winning team in Sydney, the winning team in Melbourne, and the winning team overall. There will also be prizes for each round.

Will our golf bags be transported between the golf clubs, or must we keep them with us?
The event organisers will transport golf clubs from club to club. You will hand them in after each round and collect them at the host club of the next round.

What will happen if a team member is injured or ill and cannot play on a particular day?
If a team member is unable to play, a replacement will be provided from the home club of the day.

When do entries close?
There is capacity for 36 teams. Once all spots are filled, entries will close. Confirmations are intended for 31 May 2023.

How do we book International flights and internal flights in Australia?
Down Under Endeavours can book and manage all of your flights, including international flights to Australia and domestic flights within Australia. Traveling with other tournament entrants is not a requirement. You can also book your own airfare.

Can I use points to book airfare?

Can I book my own airfare?
Yes. We are happy to help you select flights that fit your needs and schedule.

What type of ground transportation will be provided?
Private limousine transfers will be provided from/to Melbourne and Sydney airports. Golf course transfers will use luxury vans (maximum 11 passengers).

What meals are included?
A full breakfast is included every day of the tournament.
Golf course snacks and refreshments.
Substantial welcome function canapes in both Melbourne and Sydney.
Closing function dinners in both Melbourne and Sydney.

What functions are included?
A welcome cocktail event and closing prize-giving dinner will be held in Sydney and Melbourne.

Are there non-golfer itineraries?
Customized non-golfing itineraries will be available, showcasing the best touring, dining, and shopping in Sydney and Melbourne.

Is there the option to add on travel pre and post-event?
Yes – please ask us for details.

What are the recommended options for seeing Sydney and Melbourne on the rest days?

What are the specific non-inclusions or exclusions that we should be aware of?
Those can be found on the Tournament Page.

What travel documents will I need to travel to Australia?
A passport is valid for at least six months before your return date.

Will I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter Australia?
From 6 July 2022, travelers entering or leaving Australia do not need to provide evidence of vaccination status. People entering Australia will no longer be required to complete a Digital Passenger Declaration or Maritime Travel Declaration.

For further information from the Australian Government, please click HERE.

Do I need Travel Insurance for this trip? How do I get it?
Travel insurance is highly recommended for trips of this nature. Down Under Endeavours can provide you with a quote which will cover the tournament, all flights and extensions, and other travel arrangements.

What are the temperatures, and what will the weather be like?
March is ideal for golfing in Australia. Links to the weather are below:
Sydney Weather
Melbourne Weather

Will there be local ground support for us while in Australia?
A dedicated concierge team will provide 24-hour support on the ground for tournament participants. The team will be available from the time you arrive to when you depart Australia, including during pre- and post-tournament travel.

How long is the flight to Australia?
Approximate non-stop flight times are:
Los Angeles to Sydney: 15 hours
Dallas to Sydney: 17 hours

How long is the flight from Sydney to Melbourne?
Just over an hour.

Can I take my own jet to Australia?
If it meets ETOPS requirements, yes.

Can I use Rental Clubs?
If you choose not to bring your own clubs, high-quality clubs are available to rent for these two scenarios:
1. We will arrange a customised set for your use and travel with throughout Australia, or
2. A set from each golf course will be available on the day of play.

Can we have more than one team from our club?
This will be at the tournament organizers’ discretion; please enquire before booking.

What is the Dress code for this tournament?
All visitors and guests must maintain a standard of dress that is in keeping with the character and standing of Australia’s most prestigious golf clubs. A great description provided by Royal Melbourne can be found HERE.

What is the accommodation for the tournament like?
Crown Sydney and the Park Hyatt in Melbourne are hotels rated high 5-star by international standards and are preferred by discerning travelers for their impeccable accommodation and service.

Can I upgrade my room?
Yes – please ask us for details.

Do you accommodate dietary requirements/allergies?
Yes—you will be asked to provide this information and any special needs at the time of booking.

What are my travel options before or after the tournament?
(link to signature experiences)

I can’t attend this tournament; will there be future ones?
The Great Southern Classic Invitational in 2024 will be the inaugural event, and it is planned to then take place annually.

If you would like to join us in Australia in March 2024, please complete the details below, and we will contact you with more information.